Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to keep you ART SPACE organized- TIPS and TRICKS

Here are some tips and tricks HOW TO KEEP YOUR ART SPACE ORGANIZED. I love recycling so most of those use something that you would throw away or you don't think that can be of use.

Let me know what you think, post your photos in comments or links to your blog posts about this. Is there anything else, some tricks that you know and wanna share?

Let's get started with super uper organizing!!! :)

1) Clean it everyday so it's always ready to work. Also, that takes less time that cleaning and organizing once a month.

2) DRAWERS organization - use dividers made from old boxes, cereal boxes, cans, etc.
3) CONTENT organizing - if you work with multiple techniques (example: painting, polymer clay, jewelry...) make parts of your table of shelves organized just for that. For example, use left part of table/ shelf/ drawer JUST for polymer clay, right for jewelry supplies and so on.

4) REUSE some glasses, cans, boxes and give them new function. Be creative. You glasses can become pen holders, tic tac containers can be used for ribbon, use magazine holders to store your paper supplies... Every time you want to throw something away rethink and reuse! :)

5) MARK everything- don't make yourself to open every box to find out what is in, just write on every box, container, etc. and your life will be much easier and you will save precious time!

6) THINK OF YOUR NEEDS - as much as you read tips, tricks and tutorials you have to think what exactly you need with your work and habits. When you do, try being creative and think of something you could use daily,that satisfies your most common needs.
7) It's very useful to have your supplies on the wheels so if you can- do it!
8) Keep the most important, most used supplies on your table so that you don't have to put them out every day. Those should be closest to you even if you keep them in your drawers.

I Hope you found this post useful. As i said before, please share with us your experiences, your thoughts, tips, hacks, tricks in COMMENT :) Of course SHARE with your friends <3

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  1. I wish I am that tidy! 😊 when I am engaged into creative work, I DO enjoy my mess. It's hard to explain, but I almost work better when I have all kind of fabric scraps all over the floor, spools of thread under it, fabric falling over the desk... When I'm done, I clean everything up and wait inspiration for next project! 😉

    1. me too :) but sometimes i can't find my stuff. I think is great if people can keep it clean and tidy :D

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